Amazing teams with great products deserve raving fans

Yo! I'm Lazar - Growth and Product Marketer, working with early stage startups. So far, I've helped dozen of VC-backed startups acquire and delight their users.
acquired over 98000 users for saas and marketplace companies backed by:
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about me

Helping early-stage startups grow intelligently

I live and breathe growth marketing. Building growth frameworks, models and loops, helped me to acquire 98k+ users and turn them into raving fans.

I wholeheartedly believe that success is all about what we inspire others to do. That's why I love sharing everything about my processes, wins, and fails so you can avoid some of the ways that simply don't work.
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Lazar Pavlovic - Early-stage Startup Marketing
uxcel course
current startup I am working with

Uxcel - Learn UX design with interactive courses & lessons

EdTech SaaS / Marketplace. Home to 200K+ designers from companies like Apple, T-Mobile, TikTok, Microsoft, Deloitte, Maze and more.

Learn and improve your design skills with interactive UX courses and skill tests built specifically for professional designers.
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previous experience

Checkly - E2E Synthetic Monitoring

Checkly unites E2E testing and monitoring in one monitoring as code workflow, allowing you to code, test and deploy your API and Playwright-based browser checks.

In 6 months, I have helped Checkly with:
8500+ new signups within 5 months
Contributed to $200k+ Net New ARR
Reduced Google Ads CPA by 1100%
Reduced LinkedIn Ads CPA by 4000%
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b2c and b2b SAAs and marketplace growth

Helping startups elevate their users

Growth unlocks once you put your user on a path of becoming a superhero. Showing value early on, helping them easily navigate through their day-to-day tasks, and seeing how our product helps them become a better version of themselves.

So far, I helped these startups persuade users to "buy" a better version of themselves, with strategies crafted around:
Product Led Growth - Acquisition, Activation, and Retention
Demand Generation and Performance Marketing
Community Building
User Stickyness and Feature Adoption
Values I live and breathe by

What I truly stand for

Integrity value icon
Being consistent, transparent and real about my actions, and decisions. Always aiming towards true north star.
Walk the talk value icon
Walk the talk
Not making empty promises. Instead, rolling up my sleeves and putting my boastful talks into meaningful actions.
Growing 1% every day value icon
Growing 1% every day
Showing up every day, and learning by actually doing things that businesses and users need the most.
Loops, not hacks Value Icon
Loops, not hacks
Building systems that generate consistent, actionable outputs that can help us reinvest in data-driven inputs.
Customers are always first Value Icon
Customer is always first
Building features and products people need to become a better version of themselves and do rad shit.
Experimentation Value Icon
Execution > Strategy
Taking hands-on approach, learning fast, and iterating even aster. Execution always eats strategy for breakfast.

Speedrunning Growth

Hacks don't feel like cheat codes. Processes do.

After working with startups that raised over $18M to date, I had an opportunity to build things from scratch, fail miserably, acquire 5000 users on a $260 budget, and put products in front of millions.

After 6 years, 98k+ users, and countless shoe-string budgets, I created a system that helped me help startups do a speed run.


Laying out the growth foundations, setting up the growth stack, and aligning customer-facing teams towards one true metric.


Building growth processes from the ground up, driving experimentation culture, allowing you to plug and play battle-tested growth strategies.


Building growth loops across acquisition, monetization and retention, ensuring fast-paced experiments that allow us to iterate within days.

Lazar is the salesperson's dream to have in a marketing team - he is a great marketer but is focused on overall revenue generation. He helped me come up with creative ways of outreach and prospecting and is incredibly resourceful at finding ways to blend technology to create efficient systems.

Court Lewis Checkly

Court Lewis, Sr Solutions Advisor

Checkly, ex-Lokalise

Lazar is a pleasure to work with, has in-depth knowledge of growth marketing tactics and strategies, and is  well-versed in the use of many  marketing tools and platforms. He also is constantly suggesting new ideas to tackle demand generation and marketing operations challenges."

Jeff James Checkly

Jeff James, Director of Content

Checkly, ex-Gatsby

Lazar was great to partner with on many growth projects. His experience and understanding of different growth marketing tactics, along with extreme passion and energy helped give new perspectives to our growth initiatives.

Darko Stanimirovic Checkly

Darko Stanimirovic, Product Manager

Checkly, ex-CitizenShipper

Lazar has a strong talent for connecting data sources and marketing tools to streamline processes. Pair that with his creativity to drive engagement and user acquisition, and you'll see your funnel filling up.

Stefan Judis Checkly

Stefan Judis, Head of DevRel

Checkly, ex-Twilio & Contentful

Help your users do rad shit

Aligning users with their JTBD's is what brought thousands of raving fans to amazing teams I had a chance to work with. Use my frameworks to grow just a little bit faster and unlock more hours to focus on delivering value to your users.
Growth Experimentation
Content Amplification
More coming soon
Growth Experimentation Framework
Content Amplification Framework
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Say Hi 👋

I'm currently open to additional projects. I'd be more than happy to support you, and share with you all the wins and fails I had, so you don't have to face them. In the meantime, feel free to check my resources, frameworks, and growth stack.